Rig Watcher™

Rig Watcher™
A Solution to BSEE's
Requirements for Remote
Real-time BOP Monitoring
and Condition-based Maintenance

A proven solution.   First installed
on a rig in the GOM in May 2009
Rig Watcher is a turn-key solution for BSEE's BOP Monitoring requirements.

Handles all aspect of BOP monitoring.
  • Provides the BOP monitoring equipment on the rig.
  • Provides a data storage (archiving) facility on the rig and onshore.
  • Smart transmission of BOP data from the rig to the onshore facility.
  • Provides access to the data as required by BSEE.
  • Generates cycle counts for installed equipment.
Provides a detailed description of the BOP monitoring system for Operators to include as part of their real-time monitoring plan.